How do I pair my sensors to the app?

What's needed to pair your sensors to the app:

  • A valid membership.
  • Playermaker case
  • Playermaker sensors
  • iOS or Android device
  • Bluetooth

How to pair your sensors to the app:

  • Turn your phone's Bluetooth ON.
  • Make sure both sensors are ON. 
  • Place both sensors inside the Playermaker case.
  • Keep your phone and sensors in close proximity to one another.
  • Make sure your Playermaker device is isolated from other Bluetooth / Playermaker devices.
  • Open your Playermaker app.
  • Go to 'Settings'.
  • Press 'Playermaker Account'.
  • Tap 'Pair sensors'.
  • Select 'Scan for sensors'.

IMG_9390.PNG__1_.png   IMG_9483.PNG__1_.png   IMG_9381.PNG__1_.png

  • Make sure the sensor IDs on the app match the sensor IDs on the back of your sensors.
  • After, tap the checkboxes.
    • If the sensor ID(s) on the app does not match the sensor ID(s) found on the back of the physical sensor(s), then please contact support via our submit a request form for assistance.
  • Press 'Pair with app'.
  • Wait until the pairing process is complete.

IMG_9370.PNG__1_.png    23.png


Having trouble pairing your sensors?

  • Please refer to this article for further troubleshooting steps.


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