How to view the status of my sensors on the Playermaker app

How to view the status of your sensors on the Playermaker app:

  1. Open your Playermaker app.
  2. Go to 'Activities'.
  3. On the top right of the screen, you will see the 'Sensor Status' featured as: 'L' and 'R'.
  4. Press the 'Sensor Status' display for a closer view (battery status view) of your sensors.
  5. NOTE: Your sensors and phone must be within Bluetooth reach for the 'Sensor Status' to appear. If your sensors and phone are out of Bluetooth reach, then the 'Sensor Status' will say 'No connection'. 

What can the 'Sensor Status' tell you?

  1. The battery percentage of each sensor.
  2. That your sensors are actively 'Recording' a session.
  3. That your sensors are 'Syncing' your session's data onto the app, post-activity.


*Below are examples of the main sensor statuses*

Battery percentage

  WhatsApp_Image_2022-02-27_at_12.53.33__1_.png     WhatsApp_Image_2022-03-27_at_12.08.51_PM.png


Recording indication (this is not pressable)



Syncing indication (this is not pressable)



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