I received Error 57 or Error 58, what should I do next?

If you received "Sensors couldn't be paired. Looks like these sensors are assigned to another player", then:

  1. Open your Playermaker app.
  2. Go to 'Settings'.
  3. Press 'Playermaker Account'.
  4. Check to see if your sensors are paired to your profile.
    • If the app shows that there are sensors paired to your account, then confirm that the sensor IDs on the app match the sensor IDs on the back of your sensors.
  5. If no sensors are paired to your profile, then your sensors are being used by a different player.


If you know which player is currently paired to your sensors, then:  

If you don't know which player is paired to your sensors, then please contact support via our submit a request form and include the following details:

  • Mention that you received Error 57 or Error 58.
  • Your sensors' serial numbers.
  • The context in which you received your Playermaker device. 
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