What do I do if my app doesn't recognize my sensors?

If your app doesn't recognize your sensors, make sure:

    1. Both sensors are ON.
    2. Both sensors are plugged into the charger.
    3. Your phone's Bluetooth is ON.
    4. Your phone and sensors are in close proximity to one another.

If your app STILL doesn't recognize your sensors, then:

  1. Restart the Playermaker app.
  2. Try to pair your sensors again.

If your app STILL doesn't recognize your sensors, then:

  1. Press and hold each sensor button for 12 seconds (hard reset).
  2. After the sensors' lights are off, press each button once to turn them back on.
  3. Place both sensors back inside of the Playermaker case, and plug the case into the charger.
  4. Restart the pairing process.

Still didn’t work? Check to see if you received one of the following errors:

    1. I have received Error 51, what should I do?
    2. My sensors are associated with another player, what should I do?

NOTE: If you received one of these errors, please contact support at the following email address: unosupport@playermaker.com 

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