My session won't sync onto the app

Before you attempt to sync your session's data onto your mobile device, make sure:

  1. Both sensors are inside the Playermaker case.
  2. Both sensors are in close proximity to your mobile device.
  3. Your phone’s Bluetooth is ON.
  4. Go to 'My Sensors' in the 'Settings' tab, and verify that the sensor IDs on the app match the sensor IDs found on the back of the physical sensors.
  5. Both sensors are paired to the app.

If one or both sensors are flashing WHITE and your recently performed session is NOT popping up on the app, then please the below steps:

  1. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth OFF and then ON again.
  2. Terminate / close down the app, and then re-open it.
  3. If this didn’t work. . .then perform a hard reset to both sensors:
        • Hold down the power button for 12 seconds.
        • Ensure the sensor lights are off.
        • Press the power button once to turn the sensors back on.
        • Place the sensors back inside the case.
  4. Repeat steps up to 1 - 3 times, or until the session successfully syncs onto the app.
  5. If steps 1 - 3 didn't work, then try deleting the app and redownloading it.
  6. If this didn't work, then use the Playermaker cleaning brush to clean the connectors that are found inside the Playermaker case.
  7. If this didn't work, then go to the 'Activities' screen and search for an 'Undefined activity'.
      • If you have an 'Undefined activity', then tap on it and define your activity.
  8. If none of the above steps resolved the syncing issue, then please contact support at the following email address:
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