How does Playermaker's algorithm calculate a match session?

The Playermaker algorithm automatically calculates match sessions to display authentic, raw match data. This means that Playermaker's post-match analysis only includes the stats and duration that occur during a player's on-pitch performance inside the regulation match period. 

Playermaker's post-match analysis doesn't include any stats or duration that occur during warm-up phases or inactive (resting) periods.


Included in Playermaker's post-match analysis:

  • Only the stats and duration that are collected during your 1st half, 2nd half, and overtime performances (if relevant).

NOT included in Playermaker's post-match analysis:

  • The stats and duration that are collected during the pre-game warm-up, sideline warm-up, halftime talk, and resting periods (sitting on the bench).  



A U-17 female player named Sarah has a 90-minute game at 17:00 (two 45-minute halves). Sarah straps up her Playermaker device a few minutes before the start of her pregame warmup. Soon after, she performs a 10-minute warm-up.

After the warmup ends, the match kicks off at 17:00. Sarah starts the game and plays for 42 minutes in the first half. With 3 minutes to go in the first half, Sarah's coach subs her off the field. Next, the team sits for a 10-minute halftime talk.

After the halftime talk ends, the second half begins at about 17:55. Sarah starts the second half and plays for 40 minutes. With 5 minutes to go in the second half, Sarah's coach subs her off the field. 

A few minutes after the match ends, Sarah removes her Playermaker straps from her cleats and places her sensors back inside the Playermaker case.

The duration Sarah should expect to see in her post-match analysis is 82 minutes (the total minutes she spent inside the regulation match period). Additionally, the predicted start time should say 17:00. 

                                          *This image is for illustration purposes only*


NOTE: From time to time, our algorithm can calculate the wrong start time / match participation time. That being said, please click here to see how you can manually edit your match kickoff time and match duration time. 


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