How does the Playermaker system calculate a match session?

When syncing your session onto the app (post activity), selecting the 'Match' option triggers the Playermaker system to ONLY calculate and present the stats / duration that were performed inside of the 1st and 2nd half of the match (and overtime if relevant). 

NOTE: The Playermaker system is able to identify and distinguish the player's pre-game warm up from the player's 1st and the 2nd half performance. Therefore, whether or not a player decides to wear the sensors for the pre-game warm up, the session details will ONLY include authentic match data. 

Why does the Playermaker system leave out the pre-game warm stats when calculating / presenting the Match data?

  • Depending on the coach / team, every pre-game warmup can be completely different, and therefore not measurable. That being said, the ONLY way to accurately Benchmark (compare) your match data to other players' match data. . .is by ONLY considering a player's 1st and 2nd half performance (and over time if relevant).

NOTE: From time to time, we miscalculate the match participation time. . .especially if the player is highly active. That being said, click here to see how you can manually edit the match kickoff time / match duration time.

Suggestion: Check out this article for an in depth explanation on how the Playermaker system calculates match and training participation times differently. 

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