How do I conduct an activity?

Congratulations for completing your registration on the Playermaker app! Now, we will guide you step-by-step on how to conduct an activity and view your sessions' data on the app!

NOTE: Playermaker's automatic detection and analysis is not affected by the different types of playing surfaces or weather conditions (indoor or outdoor pitches).


STEP 1 - Starting An Activity

NOTE: You don’t need your mobile device or the app when performing a session.

  1. Take both sensors out of the Playermaker case.
  2. Make sure both sensors are flashing BLUE (indicating they are actively recording data).
    • Once your sensors are removed from the case, they will automatically start recording your session's data.
    • You can also verify that both sensors are active on your 'Activities' screen (on the app).
      • Open your Playermaker app.
      • Your sensor status can be found on the top right of the 'Activities' screen.
      • In text, the sensor status should say 'Active'.

What Makes an Activity Valid?

Before you start a session, it is extremely important to be aware that there is a minimal activity threshold that needs to be met, in order for your device to sync your activity onto the app.

You must complete a minimum of 10 minutes in duration, in addition to at least ONE of the following:

              • 20 touches
              • OR
              • 328 yards

. . .in order for your performance to be synced onto the app. 

STEP 2 - Strapping Your Sensors 

Click the link here to learn how to insert the sensors into the straps

  1. Insert the right sensor into the right strap
    • Marked as R blue
  2. Insert the left sensor into the left strap
    • Marked as L red
  3. Verify the sensor light is visible through the smaller strap hole
  4. Verify the white button is visible through the bigger strap hole
  5. Place the right strap onto your right cleat (boot)
  6. Place the left strap onto your left cleat (boot) 

STEP 3 - Ending an Activity

  1. Place both of the sensors back into the Playermaker case
    • A flashing white light indicates that the data is syncing
  2. Open the Playermaker app on your mobile device
    • Make sure your Bluetooth is ON
    • Make sure you have a stable internet connection

STEP 4 - View Your Activity's Data

  1. New activity will pop-up on your Playermaker app
  2. Select the activity type: Match or Training
  3. Complete the activity details
  4. Analyze your session's data


Learn more:

  1. Playermaker's Stats Glossary
  2. Which statistics are for Match and Training sessions?
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