How do I start a session?

What's needed to start your session:

  • Playermaker case
  • Playermaker sensors
  • Playermaker straps


  • You do not need your phone to start / end a session. You only need your phone (post-activity) to sync your session's data onto the app.
  • You can only start and record one session at a time!

Before starting a session:

  • Make sure that your sensors have enough battery to start and end a session. Sensors that are blinking green or orange indicate that your sensors have enough battery to conduct a session.
  • We suggest reading this article to learn how to charge your sensors and this article to better understand Playermaker's battery performance.

How to start your session:

  1. Remove both sensors from the Playermaker case (this action triggers your session to start).
  2. Your sensor lights should now blink BLUE.
  3. A blinking BLUE light indicates that your session is automatically being recorded. 
  4. You can also verify that your session is recording from the 'Activities' screen on your app (your sensors and phone must be within Bluetooth reach to see this indication).
    • Open the Playermaker app.
    • Go to 'Activities'.
    • On the top right of the screen, the 'Sensor Status' should say: 'Rec'.
  5. Correctly strap up your Playermaker device.
  6. Now, have a great session! 


*Your sensors and phone must be within Bluetooth reach for 'Rec' to appear.*



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