How do I start a session?

A session automatically begins as soon as you remove the sensors from the Playermaker case.


  • Your phone / app is not required to start or end a session.
  • Your phone is only required (post activity) for syncing your session's data onto the app.

In order to start a Training or a Match session, follow these steps:

  1. Remove both sensors from the Playermaker case.
  2. Make sure both sensors are flashing BLUE.
  3. The BLUE light indicates that your session is automatically being recorded.
    • You can also verify that both sensors are active on your 'Activities' screen (on the app).
      • Open your Playermaker app.
      • Your sensor status can be found on the top right of the 'Activities' screen.
      • In text, the sensor status should say 'Active'.
    • Place the left foot and right foot sensors inside of their respective straps.
    • Place each strap on their respective foot, and now you are ready to begin your session!
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