What are Playermaker's two activity types?

Playermaker's 2 activity types:

Match Activity

  • This includes every official and unofficial match the player participates in. More specifically, a match activity should only be selected when doing a 9 v 9 or an 11 v 11 match. 
  • NOTE:
    • Small-sided matches (ex. 5 v 5, 6 v 6, 7 v 7, or 8 v 8) should be uploaded onto the app as training activities.
    • A match activity should never be selected when doing small-sided games that are played during a training session, instead, it should only be selected for isolated match sessions.
    • Read this article to learn how the Playermaker system calculates a match activity. 

Training Activity

  • There are two types of training activities to choose from, 'Physical Only' or 'With a Ball'. Selecting the correct session type is necessary for the most accurate post-training analysis.
  • NOTE: If a player does not select the type of training session, the app will automatically default to 'Physical Only'. This means that only the player's physical metrics will appear on the activity.
    • There are 2 types of Training Activities:
      • Physical Only - Training sessions in which the player participated without a ball involved. Only the player's physical metrics will be measured from these sessions. This includes distance covered, high-speed running, sprint distance, top speed, sprints, and high-speed changes.
      • With the Ball - Training sessions in which the player participated with a ball involved. All performance metrics of the player will be measured. This includes physical, involvement, playing tempo, and technical-balance metrics.

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  • Many recreational user play 5 a side matches. Do you have any plans to enable match mode for 5 a side games?


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