How do I charge my sensors?

What's needed to charge your sensors:

  • Playermaker case
  • Playermaker sensors
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable 

NOTE: The Playermaker case functions as a holding place for the sensors and does not charge them on its own. The only way to charge your sensors is by plugging the charging cable into the bottom of the case and into a power source. 

How to charge your sensors:  

  1. Place both sensors inside the Playermaker case.
  2. Plug the charging cable into the bottom of the case and into a power source.
  3. Check that your sensors' lights are flashing a solid color (red / orange / green).
    • A solid color (light) indicates that your sensors are charging successfully. 
    • A blinking color or no color (light) indicates that your sensors are not charging successfully.
      • If one or both of your sensors are blinking or have no color, then please refer to this article to troubleshoot this issue.


Charging facts, tips, and recommendations:

  1. Charge your sensors after each performed activity.
  2. It takes approximately 3-4 hours to fully charge your Playermaker sensors from zero battery
  3. Charging your sensors for an extended period of time (a few days) will not affect your sensors' battery performance or short-circuit your battery.
  4. You can manually turn your sensors off to preserve the battery life. See this article to learn how to correctly turn your sensors off and on.
  5. If your sensors die or are manually turned off while you are performing an activity, then your session data will be permanently deleted
  6. Playermaker sensors' operating temperature ranges between 0-40 degrees Celsius (32-100 Fahrenheit). Operating in temperatures outside this range might affect the battery's performance.


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