How do I charge my sensors?


  • We highly recommend that you charge the Playermaker sensors after each performed activity. This way, you will always have a charged and ready-to-go Playermaker device.
  • It is also important to know that the Playermaker case is only a holding place for the sensors; the case does not charge the sensors. The only way to charge the sensors is by plugging the charging cable into the bottom of the case and into a power source.

How to successfully charge the Playermaker sensors:

  1. Place both sensors inside of the Playermaker case.
  2. Plug the charging cable into the bottom of the case and into a power source.
  3. Make sure that the sensors' lights flash a solid color (red / orange / green). A solid color (light) indicates that the sensors are successfully charging. - Playermaker's 5 Light Statuses
      • If your sensor lights show a blinking color while plugged into the charger, then please reach out to our support team at the following email address, and we will help you troubleshoot this problem: 

Battery Performance: 

  • It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge your sensors.
  • When the device is taken out of the charger at 100% battery, the sensors have up to 3 days of battery life (in idle or rest mode), until they need to be charged again. 
      • Within this 3 day time span, you have up to 5 hours of recording activity until the sensors will need to be charged again.
  • NOTE: Playermaker sensors operating temperature ranges between 0-40 degrees Celsius (32-100 Fahrenheit). Operating in temperatures outside this range might affect the battery performance.
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