What is the Benchmark feature?

The Benchmark feature gives you the ability to compare your average match stats to 3 player demographics: Players like me, UK elite players, U.S. top college players. This feature can be found in 'Match' stats inside the 'Stats' feature.

*All Benchmark data is displayed in yellow*


The purpose of the Benchmark feature:

Playermaker's 3 Benchmarks include match-specific data of the top players and clubs from around the world. The main purpose of this feature is to give Playermaker users a platform to see how their stats compare to the most elite players of the selected player demographic.

The 3 featured Benchmarks, as displayed on the Playermaker app:

  • UK Elite Players - comparison to top professional footballers competing in the Premier League in the UK, according to gender.
  • US Top College Players - comparison to top Division 1 U.S. college soccer players, according to gender.
  • Players like me - comparison to top players competing in the best leagues around the world of the same gender and age range (academy 1st teams, premier teams). Check out the variety of age ranges provided for our users: 
      • Under 14 years old 
      • Ages 14 to 16
      • Ages 16 to 18
      • Ages 18 to 21
      • Senior players (ages 21 and above)
        • Example: You are a 15-year-old boy and you select the 'Players Like Me' benchmark. The app will then compare your average match stats to those of top 14 to 16-year-old male players



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