How do I sign up to the Playermaker app?

Before you start the sign up process, make sure:

  1. Your phone's Bluetooth is ON
  2. Sensors are inside the case and are connected to charging

Sign up Process

  1. Find the 'Playermaker' application in the App Store or Google Play Store and install it onto your mobile phone
  2. Press 'Sign Up', located below the Login button

Group 237

Set up Your Player Profile

  1. Please read and accept the privacy statement
  2. A verification code will be sent to your email address
  3. Submit the verification code onto the app

verification 1

How to Pair Your Sensors

  1. Press 'My sensors'
  2. Make sure both sensors are ON and are plugged into a power source
  3. Make sure the Bluetooth is ON on your mobile device
  4. Keep your mobile device and sensors in close proximity
  5. Check that you see your sensors on the app
  6. Press 'Start Pairing'


  • Wait for the process to complete
  • Do not remove the sensors from the case or disconnect the case from the power source 




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