How do I register the Playermaker app with my phone?

Welcome to Playermaker! We'd like to invite you to a 15-minute onboarding call with a member from our Playermaker Specialist team.


STEP 1 - Download The App

  1. Go to your App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Download the Playermaker app onto your mobile phone

STEP 2 - Charge Your Sensors

  1. Place both of your sensors inside the Playermaker case
  2. Connect the USB cable to the bottom of the Playermaker case, and plug it into a power source
      • The sensors will turn ON automatically once connected to the power source
      • It will take 2-4 hours for your sensors to fully charge
      • Check out Playermaker's 5 light statuses, explained to learn more about each of the statuses



  • Fully charged Playermaker sensors allow for up to 3 days in idle (rest) mode.
  • The Playermaker case does not charge the sensors; it is just a holding spot for them.
  • Sensors should always be inside the case, unless an activity is being performed.
  • It will take approximately 3-4 hours to fully charge your device.

Step 3 - Sign Up And Set Up Your Profile

Learn how to sign up to the Playermaker app here

    • Open your Playermaker app and press 'Sign Up'


    • Add your personal and playing information




Step 4 - Pair Your Sensors

  1. Prepare your sensors (Bluetooth ON, sensors are charging)
  2. Tap 'Find my Sensors' (scanning should only take a few seconds)
  3. Verify your sensors
      • Verify that the sensor IDs shown on the app match the sensor ID (last 4 digits) on the back of each sensors
      • Tap the checkbox for confirmation
  4. Then press 'Start Pairing' (How to pair my sensors)


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