How to download the Playermaker app and set up my account

Step 1 - Download the Playermaker app

  1. Go to your App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Download the Playermaker app onto your mobile phone. 

Step 2 - Sign up

  1. Open the Playermaker app.
  2. Press 'Sign-Up'.
  3. Select 'Let's go'.

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Step 3 - Set up your profile

  1. Set up your player profile by adding your personal and playing information.
  2. You can optionally assign yourself to a specific team by pressing the Playermaker FC logo.
  3. Players ≤ 16 years old will need to enter a guardian's email address
  4. When you are finished setting up your profile, save your changes.

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Step 4 - Verify your account

  1. Next, a Verification Code will be sent to the email address that you used to sign up.
  2. Go to your email and retrieve your Verification Code.
  3. After, enter your Verification Code onto the app and press 'confirm'.



Step 5 - Activate your Playermaker membership

  1. You'll now be taken to 'Account Activation' where you will need to enter your Activation Code. Please read this article if you're not sure where to find your Activation Code.
  2. Enter your Activation Code onto the app.
  3. Your Playermaker membership will now be activated.

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Step 5 - Pair your sensors

  • The last step of the sign-up process is to pair your sensors to your profile. Please read this article to learn how to successfully pair your sensors to your new account.


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