What is the Leaderboard feature?

The Leaderboard feature allows you to compete against the rest of the Playermaker community via a controlled scoring system. Upon giving your app permission to be included in the leaderboards, you will be added to 3 of 8 total leaderboards (based on your gender and age). Each leaderboard displays the names and current scores of the leading players of the selected statistical category.

How to join the Leaderboards:

  1. Open your Playermaker app.
  2. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Privacy Settings’.
  4. Under ‘Leaderboards’, mark the box ‘Include me’.
  5. Press the blue checkmark at the top right of the screen to save your changes.  
  6. You are now included in the Leaderboards!

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Important things to know about the Leaderboard feature:

    1. You can only be included in 3 of 8 total leaderboards: 
      • Your age group
      • Your gender
      • All users
    2. There are only 4 statistics included in the leaderboards:
      • Work rate
      • Top speed
      • Ball possessions
      • Max kicking velocity
    3. The leaderboards only include stats from match sessions that are ≥ 20 minutes in duration. You must perform at least one match session that is  20 minutes to find your ranking on the leaderboards.
    4. The rankings are organized first by the statistical result, then by the date / time the score was performed.
    5. Each leaderboard displays a total of 20 users. The 20 displayed users include:
      1. The top 10 users of the relevant leaderboard.
      2. Your ranking, along with the 9 other users that fall before / after you. 
    6. You have the ability to view other leaderboards that you aren't included in.
    7. If a leaderboard is empty, patiently wait as more players need to join in order for there to be rankings.
    8. The units of measurement are displayed according to your settings.

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