Which type of shoes can I wear with my Playermaker straps?

The # 1 recommended way to wear your Playermaker straps is with cleats or turf shoes.

This article includes our recommendations on how to wear your Playermaker straps according to the different shoe types.


Cleats (regular studs)


This is the most common way in which our users wear their Playermaker straps. We recommend wearing and playing with your straps on grass and artificial turf surfaces.


Artificial Turf Shoes (rubber studs) 


You can wear your Playermaker straps with Artificial Turf Shoes on the following surfaces: artificial turf, gym floor, concrete, and grass.


Indoor Shoes (flat bottom shoe)


We do not recommend wearing your Playermaker straps with flat bottom, indoor shoes. This is because there is a chance that the straps can get caught on the surface being played on, which may put them at risk of potentially breaking (especially on gym floor surfaces). 

If you plan to wear your Playermaker straps with indoor shoes, then we recommend purchasing an extra pair of straps to have for backup purposes.

NOTE: There are many players who do wear their Playermaker straps with indoor soccer shoes and claim that it does not interfere with their performance.


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