How do I perform a hard reset to my sensor?

How to perform a hard reset to your sensor:

  1. Remove your sensor from the Playermaker case.
  2. Identify the white button on your sensor. 
  3. Press and hold this button for 12 seconds (hard reset).
  4. Make sure to release the button at the end of the 12 seconds.
  5. Your sensor light should now be off.
  6. Next, press the white button once to turn the sensor back on.
  7. After, immediately place your sensor back inside the case. This allows your sensor to return to rest mode prior to your next activity.
  8. This completes a hard reset.


A few important points:

  • After performing a hard reset to your sensor, it is critical that you place the sensor back inside the case so that it can return to its resting state.
  • Your sensors will only record a session upon being removed from the Playermaker case.
  • Performing a hard reset to a sensor that is blinking white will not delete any data from the relevant sensor.


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