How can multiple players use the same Playermaker device?

Multiple players can use the same Playermaker device as long as:

  1. Each player has a valid membership.
    • Not sure if you have a valid membership? Read this article to find out.
  2. The Playermaker device is being used by one player at a time.
  3. All players who aren't using the device ensure that the sensors are unpaired to their app.
  4. The player using the device ensures that the sensors are paired to their app.

Please see our suggestions below:

  • Each player using the Playermaker device must have a valid membership and registered profile on the Playermaker app. This way, each player can monitor their stats / performance trends separately.
  • When you are done using the Playermaker device and prior to giving it to a different player, confirm the following:
    • Your recently performed session(s) successfully synced onto your Playermaker account. 
    • The sensors are unpaired from your account. To check that your sensors successfully unpaired from your profile, open the Playermaker app and go to 'Playermaker Account' in 'Settings'. 
  • After the sensors are unpaired from your account, they are now ready to be paired to a new Playermaker account / used by a different player.


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