Youth Sprint vs Pro Sprint threshold, which one should I pick?

You now have the ability to set how you would like your 'Sprints' calculated / displayed on the Playermaker app. By default, the Playermaker system will automatically place you in one of two 'Sprint' categories. . .according to the age found in 'My Profile' in your 'Settings' tab.
Below are the two 'Sprint' display options to choose from (with the referenced age ranges and speed thresholds):

Pro Sprint 

          • ≥ 16 years old
          • 5.5 m/s

Youth Sprint 

          • < 16 years old
          • 4.2 m/s

NOTE: The referenced age ranges are only suggestions. Feel free to change your 'Sprint' display according to your liking / preference. In addition, each 'Sprint' option will affect the following stats on the app:

  • Sprints
  • Sprint Distance

The data displayed in the 'Stats' tab, 'Benchmarks' and in your 'Activities' will automatically adjust to the selected 'Sprint' option.

Here are the instructions on how to choose the 'Sprint' display on the app:

  1. Go to your 'Settings' tab
  2. Select 'Preferences'
  3. Select either 'Pro Sprint' or 'Youth Sprint'


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