How does the Playermaker system calculate sprints?

The Playermaker system calculates your 'Sprints' and 'Sprint Distance' according to a specific sprint threshold (Pro sprint threshold or Youth sprint threshold).

Your 'Sprints' include the total number of times you reach the relevant sprint threshold (or above) for at least one second, and your 'Sprint Distance' includes the cumulative distance you cover at the relevant sprint threshold (or above). 

Below are Playermaker's two sprint thresholds:

Pro Sprint Youth Sprint
  • A player must reach / exceed a speed of 5.5 m/s or 6 yd/s for ≥ 1 second.
  • A player must reach / exceed a speed of 4.2 m/s or 4.6 yd/s for ≥ 1 second.


If you are not seeing any data in your 'Sprints' and 'Sprint Distance' metrics, or your data display is '0', then this means that you did not run fast enough to reach the relevant sprint threshold.

On the app, you can manually choose which sprint threshold you'd like your data to be based on. Please see this article to learn how to change your sprint threshold on the app.


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