What comes inside the Playermaker kit?

Check out this video to see exactly what comes inside your Playermaker kit! 

Playermaker Box

  • Contains your entire Playermaker kit: Quick Start Guide, Playermaker case, Left and Right sensors, Left and Right straps, Charging Cable, and a Cleaning Brush.


Quick Start Guide


Playermaker Case

  • Holds your left and right sensors. The Playermaker case is only a holding spot for the sensors, it does not charge them! The sensors should always remain inside the Playermaker case unless you're conducting an activity or troubleshooting your sensors.


Left and Right Sensors


Left and Right Strap

  • The right and left strap labels are found on the inside of each strap. The following is necessary for your Playermaker device to accurately record your session: Place each sensor inside the corresponding strap, place each strap onto the corresponding foot and correctly place each strap onto the shoe. See this video to learn how to correctly strap up your Playermaker device!


Charging Cable


Cleaning Brush

  • The purpose of the cleaning brush is to clean the connectors that are found on the inside and bottom of the Playermaker case. The connectors must remain clean and exempt from any dirt, dust, and turf seeds for the Playermaker sensors to successfully charge and connect to the app.



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