Playermaker’s 6-hour session limit, explained

Playermaker's maximum recording capacity for all activities is 6 hoursIf you plan on performing a session that is ≥ 6 hours, then we recommend splitting your session into 2 separately recorded activities.

NOTE: If your sensors are outside the case longer than 6 hours, then your sessions’s data will automatically be deleted from your sensors.

Please see our suggestions below:

  • As you approach the 6-hour mark of a session, place your sensors back inside the Playermaker case (triggering your session to end) and sync your data onto your phone. 
  • Next, make sure your uploaded session is visible on your 'Activities' screen on the app.
  • Before you begin your next session, check that your sensors' have enough battery life to begin another session.
    • Please read this article to understand the minimum battery life that is required to start and record a session based on your sensors' hardware version.
  • If you have enough battery to perform an additional activitythen remove your sensors from the Playermaker case and begin your next session.
  • At the end of your second session, immediately place the sensors back inside the Playermaker case (triggering your session to end) and sync your second session onto your phone.
  • Next, make sure your uploaded session is visible on your 'Activities' screen on the app.


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