How do I turn my sensors off / on?

Manually turning off your Playermaker sensors is not required. Simply, it is an optional way to preserve the battery life of your sensors. 

NOTE: Do not turn off your sensors while you are performing an activity, as this action will result in your session data being permanently deleted.

How to turn off your sensor(s):

  1. Remove your sensor(s) from the Playermaker case.
  2. Press and hold the white sensor button for 7 seconds.
  3. Your sensor is now off and shouldn't show any light.
  4. Place your sensor(s) back inside the case for safekeeping.

How to turn on your sensor(s):

  1. Remove your sensor(s) from the Playermaker case.
  2. Press the white sensor button once.
  3. Your sensor(s) is now on and should show a light.
  4. Next, immediately place your sensor(s) back inside the case. This allows the sensor(s) to return to rest mode prior to your next activity.
  5. Your sensor(s) battery life will show the same percentage as it showed prior to being turned off.



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  • How to hard reset the sensors?

    This article "" makes a reference to article about hard resetting the sensors - i.e. a troubleshooting step to fix issue with sensors not syncing with the app.  The "hard reset" link however seems to link to a page that is no longer available.

    Would you help confirm how to hard reset the sensors? And better still, provide troubleshooting steps so we can sync the sensors to the app. Thanks in advance for your assistance, look forward to your valuable feedback.

  • I don’t have a white button on my sensors!!!
    It don’t work and is brand new!
    Only one sensor has paired!!! How is this going to be resolved?


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