Are the Playermaker sensors bulky / will they mess up my touches?

It’s very understandable to think that an external device could affect your performance on the field; however, it is important to know that the Playermaker sensors were strategically designed to be light-weight (3cm sensor) and placed on the foot in a spot that is non-intrusive to a player's on-pitch performances.

Additionally, we have received plenty of positive feedback from both amateur and elite players who are using the Playermaker device; most of them claim that they don't realize that they are wearing the device in their sessions. That being said, we feel confident that your Playermaker device will not feel bulky or intrusive to your playing style and performance. 

If you feel like your Playermaker device has been disrupting your on-pitch performances, then please let us know / contact support via our submit a request form  for assistance.

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