Playermaker's white blinking lights, explained

The Playermaker sensors only blink white upon ending an activity (by removing the sensors from the straps and placing them back inside the Playermaker case). 

White blinking lights indicate the following: 

  1. Your recently performed session is officially over.
  2. Your session data is currently stored inside the sensors.
  3. Your session data is ready to be synced onto the app.

A few important points:

  • Your sensors will continue to blink white until your session's data successfully syncs onto the Playermaker app. 
  • You will not lose your session data if your sensors die while they're blinking white. Simply plug your Playermaker device into the charger, and after an hour of charging your sensor lights will resume blinking white
  • After your session syncs onto the app, your sensors will return to their resting state, IDLE, or rest mode and flash one of the following colors: green, orange, or red (depending on the sensor's battery %).


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