How can I access a coaches dashboard?

Playermaker for Teams gives coaches access to an online web dashboard, called the coaches dashboard. The coaches dashboard is a single centralized location where you can view all of your players' technical and physical data. It is the main tool that helps clubs / coaches monitor individual / team development, over time.

The coaches dashboard is only available upon purchase. If you are interested in accessing your own dashboard, please fill out our submit a request form and a member of our sales team will reach out to you soon.

Below are the capabilities of the dashboard:

  • Monitor individual player performance / trends
  • Monitor team performance / trends
  • Player head-to-head comparisons
  • Full team comparisons
  • Create and export player / team reports (PDF / Excel)


Team Leaderboard and Team Performance Overtime



Player Performance Overtime



 Player Head-to-head Comparison Overtime


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