The display on my iPhone's app is overlapping, hard to read, and preventing me from editing my session details

This article explains why the display on your Playermaker app may look like the below images: 

IMG_0786__1_.png   IMG_0793.png   IMG_0787__1_.png

If your iPhone's Playermaker app looks like any of the above images, then this is because the 'Display Zoom' inside your iPhone's settings is saved on 'Zoomed'.

How to fix the text display on your app:

  1. Exit the Playermaker app.
  2. Open your iPhone's 'Settings' (not the Playermaker app's settings).
  3. Scroll down / search for 'Display & Brightness'.
  4. After, scroll down to 'Display Zoom' and click 'View'.
  5. The 'View' should be saved on 'Standard', NOT on 'Zoomed'. 
    • NOTE: If your iPhone's 'Display Zoom' is saved on 'Zoomed', then your Playermaker app will display the text like the above images. In addition, the 'Zoomed' display may also prevent you from editing Match session details, like scores and assists. 
  6. After saving your iPhone's 'View' on 'Standard', your app's display should look normal.

IMG_0796__1_.png    IMG_0798__1_.png

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